Italian Camponi Caproni N-1 Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

Although debated by some as the ''first successful'' Jet Fighter – being flown a full year before Germany's Heinkel He-178 (1940) – The Italian Caproni Campini N-1 was also said to have been heavily assisted by German Scientists. The Italian designs were seen as very favorable for Jet Flight. Only (2) such prototypes were built and flown. More work was need to produce an envisioned ''Jet Fighter''. This never came to light (in The Italian versions). Crewed by (2), The N-1 was 44-feet long with a modified swept-wing span of 52-feet. Power was provided by a single Isotta-Fraschini 40 Motojet Engine. This was capable of producing 900-HP and had a tested airspeed of 233-mph. Operational ceiling was rated to 13,000-feet. No armament was developed. (1) N-1 Jet has survived.