Italian Breda-88 Medium Bomber

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The Italian Breda-88 (''Lynx'') Ground Attack Bomber may very well go down in World War II History, as the very ''worst'' designed Aircraft made. Fielded in 1936, The Bred-88 took designs from both England an ''secretive'' Germany Designs. Envisioned as a Medium Range and Ground Support Bombing Platform, it fell short in both areas. However,m The Breda-88 did succeed in several Airspeed World Records, the coming War would push back any further refinements. The Breda-88 was noted as a ''Phantom Squadron'' Plane, with Italy using the 200 odd Planes as ''ground Propaganda'' against Allied Reconnaissance from 1943 until 1944. The Breda-88 was crewed by (2) and was 35-feet in length. It's wingspan was 53-feet. Powered by Twin Stella (14) Cylinder Radial Engines which produced 1,000-HP each. Airspeed was rated to 300-mph and had an operational ceiling of 26,000-ft. Armament as installed included (3) 12.7mm Breda Fuselage Guns and (1) 7mm Gun. The Breda-88 could support 500-lbs. Ordnance.