Italian Battleship ''Vittorio Veneto''

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By Crusader1307

Originally part of The Royal Italian Navy, The “Vittorio Veneto” was a “Littorio” Class Battleship launched in 1934. She would be pressed into The Socialist Italy Government under Benito Mussolini in 1937. The “Veneto” was 780-feet long and had a Bean of 110-feet. She displaced 41,000-Tons. The “Veneto” Armor Plating ranged from 6 to 14-Inches throughout. He Armament included (3) 15-Inch Main Guns, (4) .55 Cal. Guns, (12) 90mm AA Guns, (20) 37mm Guns and (10) 20mm Guns. She Crewed closed to 2,000 Men. The “Vittorio Veneto” was powered by (8) Boilers and (4) Steam Turbines. She could achieve 23-mph. The Battleship was extremely strong and advanced for Italy, and only (4) were produced. She fought mostly in The Mediterranean, fighting in many battles against Allied Warships (and moderately damaged and most her engagements. She would become one the last surviving of Her Class, before she was surrendered to The British in 1943. Considered a Prize, she was not refitted and deployed, but was eventually broken up for scrap in 1944.