Italian Battleship ''Roma''

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By Crusader1307

The Italian Battleship ''Roma'' was a ''Littorio''-Class Warship, built for The Royal Italian Navy in 1938. She was launched in 1940. Although Italy was under ''Fascist'' Control (Benito Mussolini) – an exiled Royal Government continued to remain (as did a very small Royal Navy). They were tacit supporters of The Allies. While a small Italian Fleet was off of The Island of Malta (1943), ''Roma'' was targeted by several German Dornier 217 Bombers, fatally hit, ''Roma'' was sunk. Over 1,300 Officers and Men went down with Her (including The Fleet Admiral). The ''Roma'' displaced 45,000-tons and was 790-feet long. Her Beam was 108-feet and had a 32-foot Draft. Powered by (4) Steam Turbines supporting (8) Yarrow Steam Boilers, ''Roma'' could generate 95,000-KW. She could achieve 35-mph. Her armor plating ranged from 6 to 14-inches, throughout Her Superstructure and Hull. Her compliment was over 1,900 Officers and Men. Armament for ''Roma'' included – (9) 15-inch Main Guns, (12) 6-inch Guns, (3) 4-inch Guns, (12) 2-inch AA Guns, (20) 1.5-inch Guns and (20) .79-inch Guns. ''Roma'' could also support up to (3) Seaplane Recon Aircraft.