Italian Battleship ''Guilio Cesare''

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By Crusader1307

The Italian Battleship ''Guilio Cesare'' was originally completed for service during World War I (1914), but was never used. Refitted between 1933 and 1937, She was a major component for The Italian Navy during World War II. The ''Guilio Cesare'' was used primarily to support protection operations around The Italian Coast during The War. She was given to The Soviet Navy after The War (1949) and was re-commissioned The ''Novorossiysk'' as a Training Ship. She was scrapped in 1955. Her compliment included 970 Officers and Men. She displaced 23,000-tons. She was 577-feet long with a Beam of 92-feet. Her Armor plating ranged from 1 to 9-inches throughout. Her Armament included (3) 12-inch main Guns, (18) 4-inch Guns, (14) 3-inch Guns and support for (3) 11-inch Torpedoes.