Italian Aerfer Ariete Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Italian Aerfer Ariete was a second attempt to mass produce Jet Fighters for The Italian Air Force. The Aerfer Aiete was selected to be the first such. Eventual cost over runs would cancel the Program with only (2) prototypes built in 1958. Designed to be Piloted by (1), The Ariete was 32-feet long, with a swept wingspan of 30-feet. Although several Rolls-Royce Engines were tested, a Soar Turbojet was finally installed. This produced 1,800-IBF Thrust). Trials rate The Ariete with an airspeed of 700-mph. It's operational ceiling was 40,000-feet. The only armament packages developed for The Ariete were (2) 20mm Cannon.