US LCM-35 ''Sentinel'' ICBM

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By Crusader1307

Seen as a replacement for America's long serving ''Minuteman'' Missile System, The LCM-35 or ''Sentinel'' Rocket Platform is slated for deployment within The Continental United States, starting in 2030. More advanced with supposedly an even ''easier'' maintenance cycle, The ''Sentinel'' is said to be both an air burst and dround burst device, capable of delivering multiple Nucelar Warheads towards an enemy nation. The smallest of which, would be a 10-MT device. Although most component and operational features are Classified, what is known publically, that The LCM-35 is a 110-foot long, 3-staged Munition which is liquid fuelled. Lauched from a ground based silo, it is speculated that The Sentinel is also designed to ''emit'' stealth technology by which they would be virtually ''undetectable'' (even in the ground) by enemy satillite tracking systems.