Irish Tricolor

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By Crusader1307

A well known Flag, The Irish Tricolor has very different meanings to certain People. To the Residents of Southern Ireland, it is seen as a “National” Flag (as well does the rest of The World). However, The Tricolor is not the “Official” Flag of Ireland. In Northern Ireland (although “recognized”), either The British Union Jack or “Ulster” Banner is more “appropriate”. Ireland had been at odds with itself for many Centuries. The North of the Country is decidedly Pro-English and identify themselves as part of The British “Empire”. The South, however are Independents, who have found English “Occupation” of their Country from the 16th Century, onwards.


Much bloodshed resulted in the many Wars based solely on dominate Government and Religion issues in Ireland  (both are seen to go “hand in hand”). The Tricolor is seen by some as a unifying factor, despite the fact that it is NOT a “Cross Border” Flag. Possibly linked to a design idea of The French Tricolor  (who were often Allied to The Catholic Irish in many of their internal Conflicts), The Irish Tricolor first appeared with The “Easter Uprisings” of 1916. Rebels hoisted it yet again in 1919, with an even longer “run” from 1922-1937 as The Colors of The Irish “Free” State.


Designed of (3) Vertical Stripes of Green, White and Orange (with Green being the closest to The Hoist) – has that color most closely with Irish Nationalism. White, represents The Truce between Protestant and Catholic Governments. Orange, is for King William III of Orange, whose supporters fought a major Battle  (The Boyne) in 1690, establishing a Pro-British culture. A short lived variant, was some Northern Irish reversing the colors, to wear the Orange Stripe came first (and changed to Gold or Yellow), flown from The Hoist of The Tricolor. These versions were popular during a period of time, known as “The Troubles”. In 1937, Ireland put forth a National Constitution, which identified only The Tricolor as the official National Flag. Many feel that true unity within The North and South will not come about without a new unifying Flag.