Iranian HESA ''Saeqeh'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

Produced in Iran for deployment with its Air Forces, The HESA ''Saeqeh'' – ''Thunderbolt'') is envisioned by NAT Forces as Iran's ''Future'' Fighter Jet (locally developed). Much of the HESA's design came from The US Northrup F-5 Fighter. Early US prototypes were given to The former Iranian Imperial Air Force before The Imperial Government was overthrown. Currently only (6) Fighter have been produced and deployed. Development began on 2004 (with 2007 being the first Flight and deployment). Flown by (1), The HESA is powered by a modified GE J85 Turbojet Engine. The Fighter is capable of Mach 1 (or over 1,000-mph). Operational ceiling is rated to 50,000-feet. The HESA uses several armament packages for combat deployment (mostly Russian and Chinese variants of The AIM-9 ''Sidewinder'' Missile) as well as Twin Wing mounted 20mm Cannon. The HESA doe not support Tactical Nuclear Devices.