Indonesian Kalis Sword

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By Crusader1307

Seen in many Indonesian Countries, the 13th Century Kalis Sword was a “wave” blade (very similar to The Kris or Flamberge Swords). Designed to be able to enter an enemies side (without fear of “fouling” against the ribs), The Kalis could thus be easily trust and likewise – drawn out, without too much effort. Double-edged, The Kalis was also extremely sharp, and could be used as a standard slashing weapon. Handles were wooden, featuring an unusual and decorated “semi” Hilt for basic hand protection. The Hilt “extension” was often raised and cut into a saw-tooth pattern (thus creating yet another form of striking weapon). Blades were around 3 feet long and were carried in wooden scabbards, designed to accommodate the unusual twist of the Kalis blade.