Indian Kukuri Knife

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By Crusader1307

Although examples of these fighting knives from Nepal go back many thousands of years, Europeans came into contact with The Kukri during The British East Indian Company conflicts within the Region. Strange in shape and deadly accurate in the hands of a trained user, it became so popular among Europeans that even the Writer Bram Stoker featured a Kukri in his novel "Dracula" (used by a major character as well as Dracula's Bodyguard). Designed primarily for chopping, The Kukri is usually around 18 to 24 inches in length (with a slight downward curve).


The tip of the blade features a angled curve (and is thicker at the front) - tapering backwards to a more slender and even blade. They weighed around 1 to 2 pounds and featured either a wooden or Water Buffalo bone handle. They also featured a rear notch symbolizing Hindu religious connections. The weapon was further made famous by The Brigade of Gurkhas (an elite Native British Army Regiment). They still carry The Kukri Knife.