Indian-Israeli Barak 8 SAM

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By Crusader1307

The Indian-Israeli Barak 8 (aka ''Lighting'') is a current long range, surface to air missile currently deployed with Armies of both India and Israel. Developed in 2017, The Barak 8 can also be used (in variants) along with Fighter Aircraft, making it truly a robust and widely used missile system. Weighing over 600-lbs, The Barak Missile is 15-feet in length with a 1-foot diameter. It uses solid fuel and a rocket motor, producing little smoke in transit (making it visually hard to detect). Side fin stabilized in flight, The Barak 8 uses a 60-lb. Warhead of various packages (non-nuclear), and has an effective range of 10-miles. It can achieve over 600-mph. In flight speed. Land launched platforms use radio guidance for telemetry.