Imperial Russian Warship ''Aurora''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Pallada''-Class of ''Protected'' Pre-Dreadnought Warships (heavily reinforced steel or iron plating from a Ship's waterline (belt) downward), The Imperial Russian Warship ''Aurora'' was launched in 1900. (3) such Cruiser Classes were constructed and deployed. The ''Aurora'' is the only still surviving such (Museum Ship). Displacing 6,600-tons, The ''Aurora'' was 416-feet in length with a Beam of 55-feet. She was powered by (3) Triple Expanding Steam Engines supporting (24) Boilers. These could produce 11,600-HP. Her rated speed was 22-mph on open Seas. ''Aurora'' crewed over 600 Officers and Men. Her armor plating ranged from 4 to 10-inches. As a ''Protected''-Class, Her Hull was reinforced further inside to bolster impact from Torpedo and Ramming Tactics. Her armament included (originally) – (8) 6-inch Guns, (24) 75mm Guns, (8) 37mm Guns and the capability to deploy (3) Torpedoes. These Tubes were located ''below'' Her waterline (an unusual ''first''). In World War I, The ''Aurora'' was re-fitted with modernized weapons. The ''Aurora'' was an important component of The Defense of Port Arthur (a Russian held Fort located on the Coast of southern China), during The Russo-Japanese War (1904-05). Later in that War, She took part in the epic Naval Battle of Tsushiman (1905). One of the few Imperial Russian Naval Ships to survive, ''Aurora'' would lose her Captain and (14) Sailors as a result. She would serve as a Cadet Training Ship (1904-1912) in The Baltic. During The Russian Revolution of 1917, ''Aurora'' and Her Crew would side against The Empire (Bolsheviks). She would become a part of the newly created ''Soviet Navy''. Still a Trainer from the 1920s until World War II, Her Guns would be taken and used in The Defense of Leningrad. Scuttled in 1944, she would be raised to serve as a Harbor Defense Ship until the end of The War. Repaired in the 1950s, ''Aurora'' is now a Museum Ship in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is the only (and oldest) former Soviet Warship still authorized to fly Her original Soviet Naval Ensign as well as Her former Imperial Warship Colors.