Imperial Russian Torpedo Boat ''Vlastny''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Vlastny'' was an Imperial Russian Navy ''Torpedo Boat'', launched in 1900. Like many World Navies, Imperial Russian wished to counter the then ''new'' design of Warship known as The ''Destroyer''. Many navies began to create ''Torpedo Boats'' as a counter. These were long Vessels which, in additional to Deck Guns – concentrated on their primary weapons deployment system, The Torpedo. The ''Vlastny'' was 70-feet in length and stood (Beam) at 18-feet. She displaced over 300-tons. Propulsion was created by (4) Normand Steam Boilers and could produce a surface speed of 26 miles per hour. The ''Vlastny'' was crewed by (64). She could support (4) 14-inch Torpedoes, as well as several 5-inch Cannon and (10) Hotchkiss Deck Machine Guns. Seeing Service during The Russo-Japanese War (1905), ''Vlastny'' helped in the Defense of Port Arthur, and was severely damaged by The Imperial Japanese Fleet. She would be repaired and remain in Service until The Russian Civil War. A part of The ''White'' (Imperial Navy), after The Communist take-over, she was scrapped in 1918.