Imperial Russian Standards

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By Crusader1307

The Standard of The Tsar of Imperial Russian was used to identify The Romanov Dynasty (which was also the last). First designed in 1699 to identify not only The Tsar but his land based Military assets, was used throughout World War I, until it was redesigned in 1917 (and used briefly), until it was again replaced by The Communist Party Flag.


The most recognized Standard, it was a Yellow Field in entirety, in the Center, was a large Black "Double-Headed" Eagle. Thus image was flanked by other Romanov based symbolism. This image also served as The Tsar's Coat of Arms. The Yellow was meant to symbolize "The People" of Russia, with his Coat of Arms establishing his "Union" with them. It was used from 1699 to 1917.



Thus briefly used Standard was used by The Romanov's in 1917. It was a Tricolor of White, Blue and Red. Centered in the Blue Stripe was a Gold version of The Tzar's Coat of Arms. Replaced by The Communist Party Flag, it would be resurrected as The National Flag after Communism' fall in 1992 (without The Coat of Arms).