Imperial Russian Order of St. Anna

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By Crusader1307

A Knightly Order established in Imperial Russia around  the 1740s, The Order  was named for the Wife of Karl Friedrich, Duke of Holstein. “Anna” was the Daughter of Tsar Peter The Great. The Award would pass between both Military and Civilian (Nobility) until 1917. The last holder of which was Tsar Nicolas of The Romanov Dynasty. Distinguished Valor in battle (and for distinguished Service to Government for non-Soldiers), The Award was revived after The Fall of The Soviet State in the 1990s. Worn originally around The Neck, The Order of St. Anna also became a Coat Medal (Lapel) version as well as a Ribbon in the 19th Century. A Silver and Diamond “Sunburst”, radiates outwards from a Red Seal which features The Cross of St. George. The Imperial “Blood Crown” is featured above The Seal. A non-Officer version also features a Crossed Sword Motif. The Award is also known as The "Star of St. Anna".