Imperial Japanese Seaplane Carrier ''Mizuho''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Mizuho'' was a ''Seaplane Carrier'' of The Imperial Japanese Navy, and used during World War II. Similar to an Aircraft Carrier, Seaplane ''Tenders'' were much smaller and less heavily defended. The ''Mizuho'' was launched in 1939, and carried (24) Seaplanes of various Models. These were deck crane loaded and recovered. These Classes of Military Shipping were designed to extend Reconnaissance (by Seaplane), further. The ''Mizuho'' was 10,300-tons displaced. Measuring 602-feet with a Beam of 62-feet, She was crewed by 700 Officers and Men (including Seaplane Crews). Propulsion was provided by Twin Diesel Engines which produced 11,000-KW. ''Mizuho'' carried (20) 25mm AA Guns. Off The Coast of Japan, ''Misuho'' was torpedoed by The USS ''Drum'' (Submarine) – in 1942. Only 470 survivors were saved of her 700.