Imperial Japanese Battleship ''Hiei''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Hiei'' was an Imperial Japanese Naval Battleship, built in 1911. It saw active combat in both that War and World War II. The ''Hiei'' was part of The ''Kongo'' - Class of Battlecruisers (although she is Classed as a Battleship after being renovated prior to World War II). She only one direct combat action, when She shelled The German held Port of Tsingtao, China. Thereafter, ''Hiei'' served as Coastal protection with The 1st Fleet. To save Her from The 1922 Washington Naval Treaty, ''Hiei'' was turned into a Training ship and ''demilitarized''. She would later support The Japanese Invasion of China in 1931. Later in 1937, ''Hiei'' was reconverted into a ''Fast Battleship'', in violation of Treaty. At the start of World War II, She captured various Russian controlled Islands, near Kamchatka (Russian).Both Admiral Yamamoto and Members of The Royal Family also visited ''Hiei'' in 1940, during a Grand Review of The Imperial Fleet. ''Hiei'' was part of The 1st Air Fleet, which attacked The US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory in 1941. she served as a Screening Vessel to protect The Aircraft Carriers involved. She would later be assigned to The 3rd Fleet, ''Hiei'' participated in several key battles of The South Pacific. She would be targeted in 1943 by US Torpedo Bombers and hit repeatedly. She sank with a loss of life of 188 Officers and Men. ''Hiei'' (after Her reconstruction) was 37,000-tons displaced. She was 728-feet long with a Beam of 101-feet. Her propulsion was achieved by (4) Steam Turbines which provided 35-mph on open seas. Her armor plating ranged from 2 to 8-inches throughout. ''Hiei'' crewed over 1,800 Officers and Men. Her armament included (8) 14-inch Main Guns, (16) 6-inch Guns, (8) 5-inch Guns and (20) 1-inch AA Guns.