Ike Clanton (Weapons)

  • American West
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

A member of The Cochise Country Cowboy Gang, Ike was cattle rustler – born in Missouri. Like many who lived in the Territory of Missouri after The Civil War, he learned that crime was about the only vocation one could do (and make money). He eventually had to leave Missouri (due to Warrants), and ended up in Tombstone, Arizona (after participating in The Mason County Cattle War as a hired gun). Soon he and his younger brother Billy Clanton, were in the company of Johnny Ringo and Bill Brocius. Ike (a habitual alcoholic and gambler) – developed a dislike for The Earp Family. He thought it hypocritical to uphold the Law AND run “shady” gambling establishments and Brothels.


He ran afoul with Doc Holiday one night and the two promised each other that one or the other would soon die. Clanton was present at The Gunfight at The O.K. Corral. His younger brother Billy was one of the casualties (shot dead by Doc Holiday). Part of The Earp Vendetta Rides, he would be one of the few Cochise Cowboys to not be tracked down and killed by Wyatt Earp and his Deputies. Eventually moving to Springville, Arizona – he was shot dead cattle rustling by local Lawmen. Ike was fond of the 1885 Model .45 Cal. Colt Single Action Revolver (with 5 inch barrel).