Hungarian MAVAG ''Heja'' Fighter Plane

  • World War II
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

A staple in The Hungarian Air Force during World War II, The MAVAG ''Heja'' or ''Hawk'' Fighter Plane was based on The Italian Reggiane Re 2000. A supporter of Nazi Germany, The Heja saw active service against Poland and The Soviet Union. In addition to it's air combat ability, The ''Heja'' was an effective ground support (infantry operations) aircraft. Over 200 were produced for wartime efforts, beginning in 1941. None survived to 1945. Piloted by (1), The ''Heja'' was 30-feet long with a wingspan of 40-feet. Power came from a single Manfred Weiss K14, 14-cylinder piston engine which produced 940-HP. Airspeed was rated to 350-mph, and The ''Heja'' had an operational ceiling of 27,000-feet. Armament included Twin 12.7mm Wing mounted Machine Guns.