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By Crusader1307

The Huguenots were a Reformed Protestant Religious Group derived from the tenure of Calvinism. They were at their height of influence in the 17th Century throughout France and bitterly opposed Catholicism. So much so, that many Groups formed Military Units to engage in warfare with Catholic Powers in Europe. Numerous Rebellions through Europe caused many of The “Catholic Kings” (Nations and Kingdoms) to send their Forces into Regions known for Huguenot activities. They were a predominate Military Force during France's “War of Religion'' (1562-1598). The Huguenots “Armies” were based on traditional and contemporary Military Forces fielded in The Era. The Military Arm to The Huguenots were destroyed during the persecutions of the 1760s. Their Battle Standards were varied, but all were based on a common color scheme and design. This incorporated horizontal red and Gold Stripes that occupied the entirety of The Banner's Field. Towards The Hoist of The Banner, and expending from the Upper (supposed) Left Canton to Lower Left – was a single White Christian Cross. Most Huguenot Banners were Bunted at The Fly of The Flag.