Hoggspjot Axe

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The 9th Century AD Norse Hoggspjot was rare form of ''Hewing Axe'' which was a variant of the later Bill Pole Arm and related Halberd type weapons. No complete examples (fragments) exist, with most known about this weapons coming from ''Saga'' writings. Seen as a ''Close Quarters'' weapon and perhaps also a ''Melee'', The Hoggspjot was a narrow bladed Axe Head, which featured a sharped top ''prow''. This was used as a thrusting weapon. The actual cutting head of The Hoggsjpot was around 8-inches in length and perhaps as much as 4 to 5-inhces in width. The Head was mounted on wooden Poles (Staffs) that were possibly around 5 to 6-feet long. The Hoggspjot may have been used mostly as a ''Boarding''weapon on board Norse Warships.