HMS ''Victoria''

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By Crusader1307

Considered the last of the wooden “First Rate” ships, HMS “Victoria” was launched in 1859. Considered the largest Warship of her time (until replaced by HMS Warrior in 1861) - “Victoria” displaced some 7,000-tons and was 300-feet long. She had a 35-foot beam (height). A Hull innovation, “Victoria” had iron bars laced diagonally throughout her Hull to increase it's strength. Carrying 121 heavy and medium guns, he largest were the iconic 68-Pounders (on her Main Deck). “Victoria” could boast a crew complement of 1,000 Officers and men. “Victoria” was also the first British Warship to feature Twin Funnels (upon her Steam Conversion). Serving as a “Reserve Ship” and later “Training Vessel”, “Victoria” was eventually scrapped in 1893.