HMS ''Terror''

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By Crusader1307

The British ''Monitor'' – Class HMS ''Terror'' was a World War I Warship, launched in 1916. Originally detailed to patrol The Dover (English Channel) stretch against possible German Submarine attack, ''Terror'' was hit (3) times by Enemy Forces – and was never sank. She participated in The 5th Battle of Ypres (Belgium, 1918) and later bombarding Sevastopol (The Crimea). After The War, ''Terror'' would serve as part of The Far East Squadron, ported off Singapore (1939). Aged and worn by the start of World War II (1939), ''Terror'' would still fight off Malta and Africa. It was off The Coast of Libya in 1941 that ''Terror'' would be severely damaged by German Air attacks. She was scuttled after this encounter. ''Terror'' – as a ''Floating Armored Battery'' Ship, displaced 9,000-tons and was 115-feet long. Her Beam stood 124-feet. Powered by Twin Steam Turbines, She could achieve a speed of 150mph. Complimented by 205 Officers and Men, ''Terror'' had between 1 and 13-inches of Armor Plating throughout Her Superstructure. Her armament included, (1) 15-inch Main Gun, (6) 4-inch Guns and Twin 12.7mm Guns.