HMS ''Rodney''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

HMS ''Rodney'' was a British ''Nelson'' – Class Battleship, built during The Interim Period (1918-1939). Launched in 1925, ''Rodney'' was part of The North Atlantic Fleet. In World War II, She was a vital component to The British Fleet that sunk The German Battleship ''Bismarck'' (1941). ''Rodney'' also supported The allied Invasion of Normandy, France (1944). The majority of The War, ''Rodney'' served as Escort Ship in The North Atlantic. A ''workhorse'' of the British Navy, She was never refitted and after many years of heavy usage, was finally decommissioned in 1946 and scrapped in 1948. ''Rodney'' displaced 34,000-tons and was 710-feet in length. Her Beam stood 106-feet. Propulsion came from Twin Steam Turbines, and She could achieve 26-mph. Her Ship's compliment was 1,300 Officers and Men. Her plating ranged from 4 to 16-inches throughout. Armament included (3) 16-inch Main Guns, (6) 6-inch Guns, (6) 4-inch AA Guns, (2) 2-Pdr. Guns and (8) 40mm Guns. ''Rodney'' also supported Twin 16-inch Torpedo Tubes.