HMS ''Revenge''

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By Crusader1307

The HMS “Revenge” was a Galleon-Class of ship. She was roughly 140 feet long and displaced some 450 tons. She sat roughly 45 feet tall (beam). She held some 46 guns of various poundage (mostly Demi-Culvern and Cannon types). HMS “Revenge” was the Flagship of Sir Francis Drake (notable English Explorer and Seaman). The “Revenge” took part in the famous Raid on Cadiz (Spain, 1587) and The Battle of Gravelines (1588). She crewed some 260 Officers and men and was responsible for many millions of USD in damages to Spanish commerce. At The Battle of Flores (Azores, 1591), The “Revenge” was overwhelmed by a Spanish Fleet of 53 ships. She fought gallantly, but could not sustain her fight. Originally, the crew tried to sink her (to avoid Spanish capture) – but were unsuccessful. While Spanish Forces were attempting to tow her back to Spain, the badly damaged “Revenge” sunk in a storm. Some of her guns were salvaged as late as 1625.