HMS ''Queen Elizabeth I''

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By Crusader1307

Launched in 1914, The British “Dreadnought” Class Battleship HMS ''Queen Elizabeth I'' (named for The English Monarch), was part of The “Grand Fleet”. She served in World War I at first in The Dardanelles Campaign (1915) to harass The Ottoman Navy. She also served as Flagship for The Commander of British and ANZAC Forces at the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign (1915-16). During World War II, ''Elizabeth I'', while supporting operation in Crete (Greece), Italian Frogmen (Commandos), placed Mines that badly damaged her hull (the same day Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor – December 7th 1941). Although damaged, She was repaired enough and left in The Mediterranean as a form of “psychological warfare” Program. She was repaired enough in 1942 to be sent to The Norfolk Naval Yards in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for full retrofit. She joined The Eastern Fleet in 1945, participating in several raids against The Japanese held Dutch East Indies. “Elizabeth I'' was 650-feet long with a 35-foot Tall Beam. She was 38,000-Tons. She was the first English Warship to convert from Coal to Oil and was driven by Twin Steam Turbines, (24) Boilers and (4) Shafts. She could achieve 15-mph in open Seas. Her Armor ranged from 1 to 13-Inches throughout. She was armed with (4) 15-Inch Main Guns, (16) 6-Inch Guns, (2) 3-Inche Guns and carried (4) 21-Inch Torpedoes. She remained in Service until 1948, when she was scrapped.