HMS ''Minotaur''

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By Crusader1307

The HMS “Minotaur” was one of the largest single-screw Ships every built. Built in 1861 and taking nearly 3 years to finish, “Minotaur” displaced over 10,000 tons and was over 400 feet long. She sat almost 60 feet tall (Beam). She was wind (sail) powered (with 5-Masts and nearly 40,000 yards of canvas) and featured 10 Boilers to fuel her Trunk Steam Engine. She could make 14-miles per hour. She crewed around 800 men. She was armed with 30 guns of various poundage (with her primary being 4 9-inch guns). She was armor plated with 4.5 inch thick steel and iron plate. In addition, the plating was reinforced by 10-inch thick Teak wood. “Minotaur” saw no active battle service and was committed to Fleet Duty. “Minotaur” also was the first British Warship to have an Electric Spotlight installed. In 1905, she was renamed The “Ganges” and set as a Training Ship. She was sold for scrap in 1922.