HMS ''Coronation''

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By Crusader1307

HMS ''Coronation'' was a 2nd Rate Ship of The Line, launched by The British Royal Navy in 1685. Built to support The English War Effort during The Nine Years War against France, ''Coronation'' patrolled primarily in The English Channel. In a strange and still unexplained feat, ''Coronation'' was dragging Her anchors in 1691 off The Cornish Coast. Many Historians attribute this to an incoming Gale. Hoping to wait out the storm, the sudden and violent wins ripped the Ship to pieces before She could raise them. 600 of Her Crew drowned and only 20 survived. Over 1,300 tons displaced, ''Coronation'' was 160-ft. In length with a Beam of 45-ft. She supported multiple Decks and 90 cannon of various poundage. A Full Rigged patterned Sail Ship, ''Coronation'' was never salvaged by The Royal Navy.