HMS ''Charles Galley''

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By Crusader1307

Built specifically as a "Pirate Hunter", The HMS "Charles Galley" was considered a "5th Rate" Sloop-of-War, which could be both Wind (sail) or Oar  (Human) powered Fighting Ship. The Ship featured a lower than normal draught for very low Decks. This innovation provided for a low profile at Sea (and thus harder to hit by Cannon Shot). Built in England at The Woolwich Dockyards in 1676, "Charles Galley" was rebuilt 3 times. In her 17th Century configuration, she carried 33-cannon of both 9 and 4-pounder varieties. She displaced 550-tons and was 132-feet in length. She stood  (a Beam) 30-feet tall. HMS "Charles Galley" saw extensive service first in The Atlantic Ocean and later The Caribbean. Renamed HMS "Torrington" in 1710, she was still used as a "Pirate Hunter". She would finally be decommissioned and broken up in 1729.