HMS ''Charles''

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By Crusader1307

Named for King Charles II, HMS “Charles” was launched in 1668 from Liverpool, England. As a Ship-of-The Line, HMS “Charles” boasted 96-guns. Over 1,200 tons, she stood 45-feet (beam). She crewed 300 Officers and men. Renamed in 1701 as HMS “St. George” (and retrofitted with an additional 8 heavy guns), she saw action in several battle. “Charles” was also part of the Squadron that suffered serious damage and loss of life, during a severe storm off of Sicily. 4 other ships were lost with over 2,000 men total. “Charles” would have been lost as well, but she was able to free herself from a series of reefs she had been blown into. Rebuilt from the Hull up in 1726, she served in The Royal Navy until she was declared unfit in 1774 – and was broken up.