HMS ''Centurion''

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By Crusader1307

The ''King George''-Class British Dreadnought HMS ''Centurion'' was launched in 1910 and served with The Royal Navy in World War I. Initially as a Coastal Support Ship, ''Centurion'' would participate in several Naval Battles, until being deployed back to Coastal Defense. After The War, ''Centurion'' would serve as a Training Ship and later (converted) into a Transport Vessel. By World War II in the late 1930s and early 1940s, it was deemed too expensive to convert and refit Her for War Service. ''Centurion'' was turned into a floating ''Mock ship''. Repainted with ''Dummy Guns'' She was moored at various location along The English Coast to ''fool'' The Axis. She held this position until 1944, when she was scuttled to help form a Ship and Submarine Obstruction point in The English Channel.
In Her World War I configuration, ''Centurion'' was almost 26,000 displaced tons. Almost 600-feet long with a beam of 90-feet, ''Centurion'' was powered by (18) Steam Boilers and (2) Turbines. She could achieve 24-kph.Crewed by a compliment of over 800 Officers and Men, ''Centurion'' was supplied with (5) 13-inch Main Guns, (16) 4-inch Guns and (3) 21-inch Torpedo Tubes. Her overall armor Plating ranged from 1 to 14-inches.