HMS ''Beagle''

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By Crusader1307

The HMS “Beagle” was a Cherokee-Class, British Sloop-of War. Built in 1818, she was 90 feet long. She dispersed some 240 tons. At 25 feet high (beam), she carried 10 cannon. She crewed between 75 and 120 Officers and men. HMS “Beagle” is known to history as the ship that carried The Charles Darwin Expedition (1831). She traveled around South America (to points in The Pacific Ocean), as well as Australia (and points surrounding). It was inside The “Beagle”, that Darwin furthered his observations for his controversial 1859 book “The Origin of The Species” (which furthered a non-religious path for Man's evolution). HMS “Beagle” was also responsible for completing a more comprehensive map of the Coast and land mass of Australia. She was broken up in 1870.