HMS ''Argus''

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By Crusader1307

The British Aircraft Carrier HMS ''Argus'' was first deployed in 1918 for probable service in World War I. However, She was too late for general wartime duties. Initially the Hull of a massive Passenger Ocean Liner (converted), ''Argus'' would be greatly renovated between the 1920s and the start of World War II in 1939. Unique, in that ''Argus'' was basically a floating ''Flight Deck'', with ''hidden'' Conning Towers, this was for maximum deployment of aircraft assigned. After modernization, ''Argus'' was assigned to The South China Seas. She was deployed off The Coast of Italy during World War II and participated in several Operations against Italian-Axis Forces there. ''Argus'' would later (1944), be deployed off The Coast of Africa, to support Allied Operations there (North Africa). She was attacked (bombed) several times by German Fighters, but most damages were repaired without major loss of deployment times. ''Argus'' would serve out the remainder of 1945 (the end of The War) as an Aircraft Carrier Tender. She would be scrapped in 1946. ''Argus'' displaced 14,450-tons. She stood 70-feet in the water and was 565-feet long. She was powered by (12) Steam Boilers and (4) Turbines – to produce 23-mph top sea speed. Crewing 500 Officers and Men, ''Argus'' supported 18 Aircraft and was armed with (6) 4-inch AA Guns.