HMS ''Achilles''

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By Crusader1307

There were 5 Classes of British Warships to bear the name "Achilles". In her mid-19th Century incarnation - she was part of The Royal British Navy's "Ironclad Fleet". Constructed between 1860-1864, "Achilles" was 9,300-ton, 380-foot long Frigate. She featured 2-inches of iron plate on her hull. She sported 10 boilers and could make 5,800 HP for a very "fast" 14-knots. "Achilles" also used a Sail rigging system that involved 4 Masts. She could crew up to 700 men. HMS "Achilles" was armed with  (4) massive 7-inch Armstrong Guns, (19) 100-pounder Smoothbore Cannon and (6) 68-pounders. Upon her launching, she was assigned to the Channel Squadron. "Achilles" participated in guard and patrol duties during The Russo-Turkish War of 1878. She saw no real combat service during her career, being used as a "Deterrent Ship". She has the record for the most retrofit a of any British Warship, with 6 major renovations during her career. HMS "Achilles" was decommissioned in 1923 and broken up.