Herman M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet

  • World War II
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Germany pioneered Airborne Infantry assault tactics in the 1920s-1930s. Their "Fallschirmjager Corps." experimented with various types of Parachute silks to be used in different types of combat conditions. This bore true with the type of Helmet Paratroopers wore. Something as simple as a Helmet was actually crucial to Airborne activities. Current styles of Era Helmets, could actually kill a Trooper. Rotor blasts, coupled with improperly fitted or secured Helmets could literally break the neck of a soldier. To stop this issue, The German Military designed The Model 1938 Paratrooper Helmet. The first aerodynamic Helmet of it's kind, it was a Light steel composite, which was form fitted. The inner portion was padded with a corked material, banded with a leather skull cap. A "three-point" leather chinstrap secured the Helmet to the head. The basic design of The Model 1938 remained unchanged throughout The War. The design would also inspire others Armies which used Airborne Troops to copy it's design.