Heraldic Flag

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By Crusader1307

Heraldry, as we have seen – is the creation of various Titling and Identification for Royalty, Nobles and later ‘’formal Institutions’’ of varying types. Such symbolism was carefully crafted using imagery and colors. They evolved into what would later be known as ‘’Family Crests’’ and ‘’Signets’’. They are still used in most Counties for ‘’formal’’ identification.  In terms of early Warfare, Heraldic Flags first appeared on European battlefields, perhaps as early as the 8th Century AD (formally). Band of Knights and Their Vassals would be associated with silk and cloth versions of Their ‘’Masters’’ Heraldry. Unlike actual Heraldry, the addition of Honors were often not included. In time, Heraldic Flags would served as ‘’Kingdom’’ or ‘’National’’ Colors – flown. Again, these would too evolve into the more traditional Flags used today. Still, some National Flags include some ‘’nod’’ to their Ancient Heraldic Flags. Noble Orders, still active in many Nations – still use Heraldic Flags, often displayed in Order Houses (Meeting Places). In this display, such a Flag represents a still ‘’Living Representative’’ of that particular Nobility.