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By Crusader1307

A female headgear style of the Middle Ages, The Hennin-style of hat, probably developed in Germany and the surrounding Regions. The iconic style influenced several variants throughout Europe. From simple to intricate, Hennin Hats originally are dated to the 1430s. Initially, they were Noblewomen headress that were conical in shape. Stiffened heavy linen was rolled and hand sewn to produce the iconic look. Hennin Hats "height" became something of a social status mark, with more higher "ranked" Ladies wearing some Hennin as tall as 2.5 feet! On "average", The Hennin was 12 to 18 inches in height (from the head), and adorned in various silks and scarves (again depending in the Region and Culture of wear). Colors were as varied as their height as well, with matching dress coloring a later "must". The Hennin would evolve as female dress styles did. By the early 15th Century, smaller Heights and different geometrical designs would evolve (such as the iconic "Heart Shaped" version, popularized in Italy and Spain).