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By Crusader1307

Developed and built in Sweden, Hemmema-Class Ships were in line with The Xebec and Sloop-Class of vessel. Seen around the 1740s, these ships featured shallow draughts (enabling them to operate close to shore). Ranging in length up to 100 to 125 feet long, they featured no quarterdeck and no poop deck. The featured a small Forecastle and featured an unusual upper square masting design (for maximum upper wind capture). The Hemmema also used human power (Oarsmen). The Oars Holes also doubled as gun ports. Better than a Galley in terms of handling, they were still quite slow comparatively. Sweden used The Hemmema extensively during The Russian War (1788-1790). These Hemmema's were redesigned to accommodate 22 36-pound guns. They gave the Russian Navy a run for their effectiveness. Russian sources called them “Rowing Frigates”.