Heater Shield

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By Crusader1307

The Heater Shield was so named (during The Victorian Era) due to it's resemblance to a clothing iron of the day. Not as long as The Kite Shield (at 3 to 4 feet long), it was more wider (2 to 3 feet). Straps attached to the backside allowed for carry. The Heater Shield was heavier than most of it's type. It's weight was to compensate for the heavier weapons being encountered on the battlefield in the 12th Century. Heater Shields could also incorporate a Lance Notch (usually on the upper right portion of the shield). This innovation allowed for the Lance to pass through (or rest) when the rider was on horseback. Often highly embellished with a nobles crest (or other color denoting allegiance), the general shape of the Heater Shield would become the standard for heraldry.