''Hauling The Bowline''

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By Crusader1307

The “Bowline'' was both a common “Loop Knot'' which was affixed to a variety of Rope Lines used on Sailing and Warships during The ''Age of Sail''. Tied as “easy” to attach and remove, The Bowline was often the primary Main Mast Line used to both raise and lower Canvas Sails. Often “threaded” around a Capstan, The Bowline was manned by as many as 10 to 15 Sailors. Using manual Labor, a “Bowline Crew'' took as little as 10 minutes to raise or lower a Main Mast Sail.


First used on “Square Rigged'' Ships, The Bowline evolved as did Ships (by some Sources, it is very Ancient). Various Rope Patterns could be attached to Bowline Knots, which in turn could be raised or lowered to a specific Sail pattern. Crews in “The Rigging'' or on “The Yard'' could easily retrieve these Rope Patterns from Bowlines and install them as needed. The Bowling Knot is a basic foundation form most Knots used during The Age of Sail. It is still a primary Knot with regards to Civilian Sailing Ships and Yachts.