''Hammer and Anvil'' Tactic

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By Crusader1307

Innovated by Ancient Rome, "The Hammer and Anvil" tactic was seen as early as the 5 the 5th Century BC. Developed as a first attempt by Rome to use it's Cavalry in what would be perceived in a more "modern" method, it involved the use of a medium sized Legion. Said Formation would position itself to face an Enemy. Held "at bay" by Spear and Swordsmen, The Cavalry detachment (held in two flanks at the side and rear of the Legion), would ride away and around from the Main Body. Riding to the rear of an Enemy and forming "en masse", The Cavalry would begin to "push" The Enemy at his rear (by Spear and horse), slowly into the Front Force. The goal was to envelope the Enemy between two Forces with the goal of total destruction. The tactics name was derived from "smashing a hammer against an anvil". The tactic would continue with many Nations and Armies going forward in History. The "Hammer and Anvil" was a main small Unit tactic of Russian (formally Soviet) Forces, and is still used by many.