• The Vietnam War
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By Crusader1307

The Helicopter Attack Squadron, Light 3 (aka ''HA(L)-3''), was a United States Naval Military Formation active during The Vietnam War (1965-1975). The Unit was considered a Special Operational Detachment to support Naval Land Based warfare (SEALs) and The Riverine Patrol Forces. They were instituted in 1967 with roughly 2,000 Sailors. Nicknamed ''The Seawolves'', The Force maintained control of the many riverways in Vietnam, and supported Land Operations with Helicopter Attack Platforms. Most of these Aircraft were based at various Airbases throughout The Central Highlands and The East Coast of The Country. Decommissioned in 1972 with the winding down of The War with regards to American involvement, HA(L)-3 had flown 120,000 sorties and lost only 200 Personnel. The Detachment would be mustered back into Service in 1976 and it's linage still exists in support of several US Naval Fleets.