''Hakko Ichiu''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

A World War II Imperial Japanese ''propaganda phrase'' – ''Hakko Ichiu'' is translated to mean ''All Under One Roof''. It was first used within Japan in 1940, and appeared on all Imperial Currency, Patriotic Signage, etc. The phrase was a direct reference to the previously discussed Imperial War Plan of The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, which sought to''unite'' all Asian Countries and Nations under The Imperial Japanese ''Banner'' of control and rule. With the start of World War II with regards to Japan and The United States, the phrase was offered as ''Counter-Propaganda'' in the US, emphasizing that Japan (like their German and Italian Allies) intended to ''conquer The World'', as opposed to just The Far East. The phrase was banned for utterance by The Allied Occupation Forces in 1945.