German Army Badge of Honor

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By Crusader1307

Created in 1980 and again re-instituted in 2008, The German Army Badge of Honor is a Service Decoration given to Officers, Enlisted and even Civilians who have rendered great levels of loyalty and service to The German Army. It is Classed in a Bronze, Silver and Gold issuance (based ob various levels of activities rendered). A Combat version was also created. The different Classes on the Ribbon of The Medal are identified by a variety of Clasps.


The Device is a Maltese Cross upon which is engraved (Front), The German Federal Eagle. This image is superimposed over a smaller Cross. The Ribbon of The Medal is predominantly Black, flanked by Gold and Red Stripes. The Badge of Honor is essentially the same design as The Medal of Honor, save the immediate addition of a Gold Oak Cluster. The most current issues were in 2010 to German Forces involved in The Global War on Terrorism (in Afghanistan).