Great Helm

  • Armor
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By Crusader1307

A piece of common Armor in The Middle Ages, The Great Helm was popularized during The First Crusades of the 11th Century and lasting in style until the `13th Century. The Great Helm was a solid piece of shaped metal that covered the entirety of The Wearer's Head, This class of Armor is also in the Family of The Closed Helmet. Great Helms were quite heavy and lacked a traditional Visor. Vision was restricted to simple from “Line of Sight” (to The Front). So heavy, that an under padding cowl was needed to wear them. This Cowl padding was made of quilting and covered the entire Head and Neck. It also served as a form of early concussive protection from blows that would otherwise been deadly. The Great Helm could be strapped on (leather straps), or worn “free”. Variations were also adapted into Tournament Helmets as well.