Gorgas Gun

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By Crusader1307

This short lived but interesting weapon was designed by Confederate General Josiah Gorgas. Gorgas had experience in working an designing weapons prior to The War. He saw the need for a rapd fire weapon to counter the many that were being designed and tested by The Union Army. His weapons, named after him – was in essence a rapid fire cannon. Capable of firing a 1.25 pound lead shot in rapid succession, The Gorgas was a smooth bore revolver like weapon. Two axles held 18 copper chambers that were muzzle loaded. Matching percussion caps were applied to the rear chamber (in a ring pattern holder). By closing the ring and locking it forward, the shells would fire subsequently ignite and fire together. Obviously, The Gorgas had many problems with miss-fires and exploding barrels. Only one completed prototype was produced and used (with it's problems removed). By 1863, supplies and money had run out to make manufacture of The Gorgas possible.