German Zeppelin Staaken Fighter Bomber

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By Crusader1307

Developed late in the War (1917), by Germany, The Staaken Airship Bomber was an innovative step in Air Warfare. The Bomber, designed on previous German Models, was designed to be mounted under the Lower Hull of a Zeppelin Airship (as many as 4). Attached by electric and manual release pullies and mounts, Crews would be lowered in through the inside of the Airship via ladders. This tactic maximized the bombers fuel capacity. After completing a “mission” The Staaken would fly to a “friendly field”. The Staaken was 50 feet long and featured a 70 foot wingspan. It was capable of up to 75 miles per hour and had an operational ceiling of 18,000 feet. The Staaken was able of carrying (10) 50-pound explosives of various types. The bomber held 3 (Pilot and 2 Gunners), who were armed with (3) 7.92mm Parabellum Machine Guns.