German Wurfrahmen 40 MRL Vehicle

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Nicknamed "The Walking Stuka", for it's telling and high-pitched "whistle" (made when firing it's payload), The Wurfrahmen 40 was the principle Multiple Rocket Launch Mobile System, used by The German Army during World War II. Designed and deployed in 1940, it was a combination of both "Wheeled" and "Tracked" Armored Vehicle, The Wurfrahmen 40 weighed 4-tons and featured 3-inch armored plates for protection. It crewed 6 to 8 Men, and could travel up to 175-miles The Wurfrahmen 40 was designed to carry (300) 280mm High-Explosive or Incendiary Rockets. These 5-foot Rockets were placed in (6) semi-enclosed launchers or "crates". These were arranged in grouping of three (positioned on both sides of the Vehicle). They were electrically activated and could reach a trajectory of up to 180-degrees. It's maximum range was stated as 1,200-yards. The Vehicle also featured multiple Hotchkiss 12.7mm Machine Guns for defensive/offensive use. Problems with travel distance was a fact. The Wurfrahmen 40 suffered from targeting issues around 400-yards in flight. Despite this, they were heavily deployed by The German Army for Urban Pacification engagements and in support of Panzer Units. Not seen much after 1944, it is speculated that only 200 were manufactured.