German U-Boat War Badge

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By Crusader1307

The Uniform Device known as The U-Boat War Badge was developed for wear in World War I (1918) and would carry over into World War II (1939). It was awarded to Members of The German Kreigsmarine who served on Submarine (U-Boat) Duty and had been involved in at least (2) Combat Patrols. Although issued to 'living'' Sailors, a Class was issued to those Submariners killed min action.


Officers could receive a diamond encrusted version of The U-Boat War Badge. Only 29 such ''special'' Awards were made. Hundreds were issued to common Sailors. The Award was worn on the Left Dress of The Dress Uniform. It was an Oval Badge Design of a Wreath (Gold) with The German Adler (Eagle) and Swastika. Centered, was a U-Boat viewed on ''the surface of water''. It was highly prized by The Kreigsmarine. After 1945, the Award was discontinued.